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00:00 - 26/12/2018

Anonymous - Anonymous Hackers

Anonymous is a group of the people on the internet who want justice for every citizen of the world.  This group was started in 2002 while someone adds a message on the online form related to the name of anonymous. The interesting thing was about that person is, his IP address was hidden. On that form, someone uploaded a cartoon pic of politician and after that,  someone raised an issue against that person who had uploaded the pic on the form.



Anonymous member who was also on the form comes inside the favor of that person.  The anonymous member said that everyone has right to speak. You can’t stop them. This was the point when the anonymous foundation was started.No one knows the exact name of the anonymous founder. Before left the form anonymous member added a five-line message.

We are anonymous

We are legion

We do not forgive

We do not forget

Expect us.

Anonymous means to hide your identity from other people. That’s why we are using a special type of guyfox mask. Our history totally different from other groups available on the internet. No one knows how many anonymous members associated with the group. These things make us different from other. No one is our boss who can control everything inside from the office.

There is no any headquarters of the anonymous group. If you or someone wants to join us it’s your choice. You’re in or out its depends upon you. Whenever do you want to come and whenever you want to go it’s your choice no one will force you.

Our main motive is freedom on the internet.  We want every citizen of the world to have equal rights to speak. If you want any kind of help related to cyber securities or any other topic, visit anonymous contact us page. If your request accepted one of our representatives will contact you very soon.  Or you can drop us the mail at